ALSO I went to the shops today to buy a new quilt for my bed bc I’m in dire need of a new one…and they’re so fucking expensive!!!! like $500 for the one I needed!!!!

honestly wth though………

what did you get up to today? :)

I hung out with my boyfriend and we did an hours worth of walking which was really good! and then I got paid from work and splurged it all on make up brushes and a mophie
oooooops I’m broke again for another week
sad sad life

do you talk to any of your exes or your boyfriend talk to any of his? my bf talks to his ex and it makes me so uncomfortable :(

I don’t talk to any of my exes at all. They all wanted to keep in contact with me but they’re not really people I want in my life anymore haha - and nah my boyfriend doesn’t talk to his exes lol he doesn’t want to.

and maybe you should talk to your boyfriend if it makes you uncomfortable! talking will always make things easier :) and I know that it must be hard since they had a past and everything, but you have to trust he won’t do anything unless he has shown otherwise. trust is the key to all relationships!

honestly tho….starting from next week I’m going to start using my money wisely…..and p much not on take out anymore !!!!! literally draining my money on things I don’t necessarily need 😭

need to start saving
+ my 21st is coming up…so I can save up heaps just to splurge it all again 💁😰😩🙊